Patient Spotlight- Rudolph Tempesta

If you are from Chapel Hill, you likely know Rudy! We asked for him to share his amazing career and story with us. He wrote us this letter and asked that we share it to the internet community. It was our honor to treat one of the last WWII veterans! Thank you for your service Rudy and being such a ray of sunshine in our office! – Dr. Holman
Black and white image of smiling soldier in uniform cap and shirt.
“I was born in the year 1925- The same year as Barbara Bush! I was born in Brooklyn, NY.
America was in a Great Depression, we had nothing but family, love and friends. Every mother was our mother, every family shared the little they had.
In high school, I was a gymnast. I played in the orchestra and band and was popular.
I was 16 years of age when WWII broke out. I tried to enlist, but they would not let me. When I was 17 years old I enlisted. I was in the US Air Force and my crew of 9 men went to Europe. I flew 25 missions over Germany, Austria, Hungary, North Italy and many young men died, just shot out of the sky.
After the war I joined the US Postal Service in NYC and worked the Empire State Building.
The Postal Service in Chapel Hill would not hire me. The post office in Chapel Hill was a family affair. After a year I asked Senator Jordan to help me and he did. I was called in one week thanks to the Great Senator. I was made the President of The Union and lasted for 40 years.
The post office was a typical Southern place. They would not allow African Americans to work in the post office. With the help of Senator Jordan I got two African Americans to work. This was a great victory against discrimination and the doors were opened. Chapel Hill became a shining Hill in NC.
After I retired from the Post Office after 68 years of service I needed help to fix my teeth and tried to get help from the dental school to no avail, then tried various dental offices to no avail, from the VA- but no help to cover a combat veteran.
Then my son, Nick Tempesta, told me to go to Holman Family Dental Care. There I found a great Humanitarian. She filled all my teeth and saved my life. The office as a great team of ladies who are very helpful. I finally found someone who would help me.
Thank you Dr. Holman for your help and for taking care of a WWII combat veteran!
– R. Tempesta”