About Dr. Holman

I am from Chapel Hill, NC and actually graduated from East Chapel Hill High School. I was also lucky enough to meet my now husband while I was at East! Even back then I had a passion for science, teaching and art. I knew I wanted to choose a profession where I could have a large impact on my community. In high school I was able to do research at Duke University which resulted in my first publication in a peer-reviewed journal!

I completed my undergraduate education at Duke University where I majored in Biological Anthropology and Anatomy and graduated with distinction. Throughout college I worked in several research labs because I loved hands on learning and applying what I was learning to solve problems. My passion for dentistry began with a project for my Ethnobiology class while studying abroad in Costa Rica. When I came back I started the pre-dental society and the rest is history! Dentistry for me was such a clear fit because of my love of science, research, art and community.

Dr Holman wading across a river in Costa Rica. The water is thigh high. There are tropical plants on the bank behind the three people wading through water.
Dr Holman wading across a river in Costa Rica

After college I​ completed a D.D.S. and Ph.D. in Biomedical Sciences in a dual degree program at the University of Maryland in Baltimore. ​I absolutely love working with kids, so I completed a clerkship in pediatrics that provided advanced training. Upon graduation I ​furthered my ​education by completing a fellowship at the Veteran Affairs Medical Center and University of Maryland School of Dentistry in Oral Medicine, Oral Pathology and General Dentistry. Through this training I​ was able to do advanced procedures including implant placement, bone graft placement, root canals, performing biopsies and work with medically compromised patients.

​In Maryland I got married, adopted a rescue dog and had 2 kids and then decided it was time to return home to Chapel Hill.


​I am very active in my local community. I am passionate about mentoring which is why I love serving as a co-advisor to the Duke pre-Dental Society. I also serve as Treasurer of the Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. Eta Phi Zeta chapter in Chapel Hill. I am also the current Vice President and President-Elect of the Durham Orange County Dental Society. I am a member of the Academy of General Dentistry, the American Dental Association and North Carolina Dental Society.

​My passion for dentistry comes from knowing that the work I do every day changes lives. Improving the esthetics of someone’s smile can have a life changing effect. Removing infection from the mouth that could possibly cause strain elsewhere in the body is so important. I also truly look beyond the teeth and help screen for blood pressure, oral cancer and sleep apnea so that my patients can identify health issues that could affect their lifespan. I love every aspect of dentistry and making my community healthier and happier!

My Research — Publications

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