Snoring Problem? Trouble Sleeping?

You may have sleep apnea. Sleep Apnea occurs when your air passage becomes temporarily blocked causing breathing to stop several times throughout the night. Sleep apnea not only increases a patient’s risk for heart attack and stroke, but also causes you to spend less time in the deep restorative sleep required for energy and mental sharpness.

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• Daytime Sleepiness
• Snoring
• High Blood Pressure
• Weight Issues
• Frequent Irritability
• Diabetes
• Acid Reflux
• Teeth Grinding

Personalized for You

Dr. Holman and her team will work closely with you to diagnose your specific sleep issues and create a treatment plan for you. If a sleep appliance is necessary, we will design a personalized oral appliance that will keep the jaw in a forward position while you sleep, allowing your airway to remain open for an uninterrupted, better night’s sleep. It is small, portable, quiet, comfortable, and highly effective.

Comfortable and Convenient Solution

We offer a comfortable and convenient solution to help you sleep better and wake up refreshed. You’ll be surprised at the difference a good night’s sleep can make in your life.

No Bulky Facemask or Power Required

While traditional approaches typically include an uncomfortable and inconvenient CPAP machine, our doctors use an FDA approved device more like a simple mouthguard used in athletics.

Benefits of Sleep Apnea Treatment

• More Energy
• Better Night’s Sleep
• Quieter Sleep
• Increased Focus
• Increased Clarity

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The Myobrace® System is a preventive pre-orthodontic solution designed to treat the underlying causes of crooked teeth by promoting natural development, often avoiding the need for extractions or braces. Children aged 3 to 15 wear a series of removable appliances for 1-2 hours during the day and while sleeping.

Myobrace® for Adults

Myobrace® for Adults is a three-stage appliance system designed to help correct breathing and myofunctional disorders.

Myobrace® Solutions

Corrects poor oral habits
Develops & aligns the jaws
Straightens the teeth
Optimises facial development
Improves overall health
Promotes healthy eating habits

Myobrace® Helps Children

Breathe through the nose
Correct tongue resting position
Swallow correctly
Keep lips together

Adult & Child Tongue-Tie release

“Tongue Tie" is a condition that restricts the tongue's range of motion due to soft frenulum tissues that are attached to muscles of the cheeks and lips. Although tongue-tie is often identified and resolved in children and infants, treatment is also available for adults. Left untreated, adults often experience increasing levels of discomfort and complications. Dr. Holman's advanced training allows her to treat patients of all ages.

Symptoms and Complications in Adulthood

•Overcrowding of the teeth
•Narrowing of the teeth
•Speech and chewing difficulties
•Increased risk of sleep apnea and TMJ
•Chronic Head and Neck Tension


Tongue-ties can be treated with frenectomy surgery where the frenum tissues of the upper lip, lower tip, and/or underneath the tongue are released to allow freedom in mobility. A frenectomy is generally a simple procedure and is typically performed with local anesthesia.

Functional Frenuloplasty

Having received extensive training by renowned Dr. Zaghi, Dr. Holman also performs functional frenuloplasty; an alternative approach to tongue-tie release which takes into consideration the changes that happen during a tongue-tie release, and prepares the body for the best post-treatment healing.


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