There are so many options for a Dentist to consider when choosing which technology to invest in for an office. My goals are to keep you as comfortable as possible, make sure everyone is safe by using low radiation technology, meet unique patient needs by offering flexible options, and keep costs affordable for everyone.

3D imaging technology diagnoses more than just tooth issues.

Taking impressions or molds can pose a problem when someone has a bad gag reflex or special needs. Impressions are necessary for many dental procedures and products including dentures, crowns (caps), Invisalign treatment, whitening and nightguards. The inability to be able to get a good impression is incredibly frustrating. With our iTero 3D scanner we can wave a wand over the teeth and have a 3D image! You even can take breaks if you need to during scanning since it is digital. These images are also more accurate than traditional impressions.

With a digital scan, you can keep track of how your teeth are changing over time, visualize how your teeth would change with Invisalign®, and create better fitting crowns in less time.

It can be a big challenge to get x-rays on children who won’t stay still and those with Alzheimer’s or other cognitive limitations who cannot bite on the x-ray sensor properly. I decided to invest in the Nomad, which is a handheld x-ray unit. I love that it is so low radiation. It allows me to take an x-ray image without needing to wear lead protection or leave the room. This allows me to quickly take an x-ray on a wiggly young child or on an elderly patient who can’t bite on the sensor or hold it themselves.

The Handheld Nomad reduces exposure to radiation and allows the dentist to stay in the room during x-rays.

One other investment I chose to make was the Intraoral Camera. You don’t have to take my word for it when I diagnose a problem because you can see for yourself! We can monitor wear, cracks and old fillings very accurately with the help of this technology and track changes over time.

Our Intraoral Camera allows you to see what the Doctor can see.
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